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There are More Than 100,000 types and species of mold, some of which are harmless, and some which can cause serious health problems.



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Mold Testing & Inspection LLC has been serving the Charleston, Low County area since 1998. Our certified, knowledgeable, and experienced staff makes us your number one choice for mold testing.


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Jeremy C.

This is to recommend Mold Testing and Inspections. My relationship goes back several years. They are a very knowledgeable, reliable and professional
business. They have helped me with providing expert advice when a home inspection survey thought our moisture levels might be too high. The levels were not, thanks to Terry’s inspection. Another time, when
we returned from several months away at a summer home in New Jersey, we found a lot of mildew/mold on several items in our garage. They recommended a dehumidifier called a Sante Fe Compact. It has
worked so well that we’ve used in two other places over the years. More recently, we ran into a mold problem at a three-stage retirement community where we are in
possession of a two-bedroom cottage. We noticed mold in the HVAC vents but the maintenance department at the facility did nothing to determine the cause of the mold. At my request, They did a
thorough test of the facility, sent air and tape samples overnight to a laboratory for analysis and presented us with a 7 page report and 9 page lab test that we took to the CEO of the facility to support our demand
for remediation.

Home Owner

I have not yet planned a time to proceed with this project. Mold Testing and Inspections came out to the house and spent almost 2 hours underneath the crawl space making sure he checked everything. He even took pictures and emailed them to me along with what needs to be done and gave me a price to do it. He did not even charge me for spending all that time gathering the information he needed to complete the work. I will have this work done but not at present as it turns out to be more than I expected so I will have to wait a little longer before proceeding. I can't say enough good things about this company. He was very professional, nice and made sure that if I have any questions that he will be glad to answer them. I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Bill W.

Mold Testing and Inspections crew are top notch professionals who only want the job done the right way! This was a scary project for my wife and I and we couldn't be happier with the work they did for us. Always friendly, always kept us up to speed on what was going on and always on time. He told us at the beginning that when he's done we won't even know he was there. After ripping out and replacing sheet rock, lumber and even having to remove and replace brick..... guess what, he was right! Outstanding job! And if he didn't like someones work he would have them back the next day to make it right. Excellent work and great people! Thank You!

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